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Auditorium Cinema Audio/Visual Lighting Security Comunication
Audio/Visual Products
Professional A/V Mixers
Roland Systems Group, a member of the worldwide group of Roland companies based in Japan, Roland is dedicated to the support of audio and video professionals demanding excellence in both performance and system design. They endeavo ...
Allen & Heath
Allen & Heath A UK company producing professional Audio Mixers for more than 40 years. The R&D teams at A&H are dedicated to designing world-class mixing desks using cutting-edge technology, advanced techniques and highest qualit ...
Electric & Rear Projection Screens
Da Lite A USA based Company well known for projection Screens & presentation products. Amongst the many product Provided by Da-Lite are:
* Electric screens including a wide range of products starting from the simple cosmopolit ...
Professional Audio System
RCF An Italian company since 1949 RCF offers total audio solutions for small spaces to large digital audio systems for airports shopping centers and many other audio applications. RCF product range include:
* Pro audio & publi ...
Public Address Systems
inter M A multi national company based in Korea offering a full range of audio products including:
* Audio Mixers in many sizes for all demands.
* Full range Rack type equipment including more than 50 products to satisfy any s ...
Projector Lifts
SVS An American company specializing in the production of electrical lifts for many uses. SVS lifts can be used with:
* Video projectors
* TV's & plasma Screens
* Speakers & lighting equipment
The lifts from SVS al ...
Interfacing, Switching & Distribution Products
EXTRON A US based company specializing in the production of computer/Video interfaces, switches, distribution amplifiers, signal processing equipment and high resolution cables.
There Matrix switches product line gives there user ...
Multimedia Data/Video Projectors
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC of Japan provides a wide selection of Video projectors with sharp image and a variety of specialty lenses.
HD High Defenesion Projectors especialy suited for home theaters applications is also availible for t ...
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